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IMPACTgroups are friends who laugh, grow, and do life together. They are diverse small groups of people who are drawn together for a common purpose. They meet in homes or in the church building. Some talk over the weekend message, or study a topic together.  Some groups might serve the community together or take part in a shared interest or hobby. One thing is for sure: IMPACTgroups are perhaps the BEST place to form strong relationships with other followers of Christ.

Get connected with an IMPACTgroup at a time that works best for you.





All IMPACT groups will come together and meet at Maranatha Christian Center @ 6:30pm for the summer. Home groups will resume in the fall. 



Available times and places:  ** OCTOBER - MAY

  • Tuesdays @ Jimmy and Reba Stinson's house at 7:00pm
  • Wednesdays @ Maranatha at 6:30pm (children's classes also available at this time)
  • Thursdays @ J T and Leah Calhoun's house at 7:00pm

*For more information email J T Calhoun at