Sunday School

Maranatha Sunday School Classes

Welcome To Sunday School!

Sunday school . . . are you serious? Yes, of course we’re serious! Despite what you might be thinking, Sunday School is not just a place to go and learn bible stories, or a place where parents send their kids in order to get a break from them. Sunday School is an important part of our church culture here at Maranatha.

Our Sunday School classes provide a small intimate atmosphere that is condusive for learning and growing spiritually mature in ones walk with Christ. It is during these smaller one on one times that the messages that our being preached from the pulpit are broken down and studied in a much more in depth way.

Maranatha Christian Center provides learning and training tools for everyone in a variety of ways. Here you will be certain to find a place where you can join in and get involved. We offer many classes in order to supplement your walk and teach you how to live the victorious christian life that the Bible promises you as a Christian.

Join a class today and begin your walk to growing closer and studying God’s word in a more in depth way, as well as meet new brothers and sister that are on this journey with you!