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In today's “American Idol society,” the idea of an audition can be intimidating. This is the main reason why we do an evaluation and not an audition. We’re not here to judge talent; rather we’re here to help identify if someone has a gifting and a calling to lead worship here at Maranatha at this time.

You must go through a video evaluation if you’re interested in ministering by singing as a background vocalist (BGV) or being an instrumentalist for one of our platform ministry teams. Prior to the evaluation, we require you to attend a Worship Orientation Meeting to give you more details about the evaluations and to provide you with information about Platform Ministry.

The next Worship Orientation meeting is:

There are no scheduled orientation meetings at this time, please check back again or contact us below.

These meetings, along with Maranatha Church membership, are prerequisites for participating in an evaluation.

If these requirements have been met and you have attended a Worship Orientation Meeting, you’ll receive a follow-up email which will provide the information you need to register for an upcoming video evaluation. These are offered several times a year following each Worship Orientation Meeting.

Please Note: If you are both an instrumentalist and vocalist, you only need to attend one orientation meeting; however, you must note your desire to be evaluated in both areas on your information sheet at the Worship Orientation Meeting.

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