Daily Devotions From Maranatha

January 12, 2018


Breaking Curses

John 8:32

And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

There is a very definite similarity in family traits that can be seen from generation to generation. Skin type, texture and tone, hair and eye color, distinct facial features are all things that get passed from parent to child. There is a unique blending of these features as each new generation receives dominant genes from both mother and father to create a new and unique individual. This passing on of family traits has gone on from the beginning of time and is not limited to just physical attributes. You probably have also noticed that mannerisms, emotional characteristics and disposition are also passed down to each new generation. We all accept this and understand the meaning of the old saying, “Like father, like son”.

I want to let you know that the physical and emotional traits are not the only things that pass from parent to child over the generations. There is also the passing of spiritual traits and attitudes. Many do not recognize and even deny the fact that blessings and curses are also passed from one generation to the next. The Bible teaches very clearly that blessings pass from one generation to the next. It also says that the opposite is true too, that the sins of the fathers are passed down to the children and children’s children even to the third and fourth generation.

So just as blessings come down from parents and grand parents, so also do curses. Most of us know very little about our ancestors and their spiritual status back as far as the third and fourth generations. For this reason, it is very important as a born again child of God to break those curses received from your forefathers, those generational curses that are come down upon you. Establish your new ancestry in Christ Jesus so that you can receive His nature and blessings and truly be free indeed.

MY WORD CONFESSION: I am of the lineage of my father who is God and am blessed with a new nature and a new inheritance.