Daily Devotions From Maranatha

August 13, 2018


In The Enemy’s Camp

Ephesians 6:11

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

I have heard it taught that we as Christians are caught right in the middle of a big battle that is going on between God and Satan. It has been said that each pulls at us to try to win us over to their side. In a sense that is true of the general human race, but as for Christians it is really not the case.

You see as a Christian, I am not caught in the middle, I am on the side of God and have been given all that I need to wage war myself. I am not a bystander watching this thing from the grandstands. The Bible teaches that we as Christians are to engage the enemy ourselves. Now I know a lot of people will balk here and say that they don’t feel like they can do that because the devil is too strong and too fierce. Who said that? It surely wasn’t God, He said that the devil is a totally defeated enemy who goes around trying to convince people with schemes, plans, and lies that he still has authority and ability. If you read the Bible it will tell you that Jesus totally and completely stripped the devil of all his weapons and power. (Col. 2:15)

The scripture here in Ephesians and the verses following tell us to put on the whole armor of God, not just part, so that we can be able to stand. That means to win. What are we to stand against? The wiles or tricks of the devil. You see he is a trickster a deceiver trying to make you think that he is something that he is not.

If you will read on further, you will see how to arm yourselves. It is not a suggestion, but a command. Don’t be fooled by a defeated devil. Put on the whole armor of God every day and stand.

MY WORD CONFESSION: I put on myself the whole armor of God, and having done all, I will stand.