Daily Devotions From Maranatha

October 13, 2018


A Good Soldier

2 Timothy 2:3

Thou, therefore, endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

I think that one of the most destructive and effective tools and weapons of the devil is to try to give Christians a misconception about the Christian life. For some reason, many Christians think that the Christian life is a life of ease and rest. It is true that we are to enter into His rest, but we are in a fight. It is a fight for our lives, a fight for our victory and we must recognize that and show up for our duty. Ignoring this does not give us immunity, only vulnerability.

It is so important to understand this truth so that when the battles do come, we will not be caught off guard. Instead, we will be ready and will say that we were expecting the enemy to show up and were wondering when he was going to try to defeat us.

When we think like this, we will be on constant alert and at a heightened state of readiness at all times. This scripture tells us to not quit when the fight starts, but for us to tighten up and engage as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

Make sure today that you have settled in your heart this issue. Decide that no matter what, you are going to believe the Word of God and are going to stick to your guns in this thing. Once you have decided that, you can begin to get some strength and stability in your life. You see it is impossible to be strong and stable and still be wavering back and forth as situations and circumstances dictate.

God has a great army of believers who are standing on His promises and gaining ground every day. You choose for yourself whether you are going to be an active participant walking in His victory or going to be a spiritual drop out, AWOL in God’s army.

MY WORD CONFESSION: I will endure hardships and be a good soldier in the Lord Jesus Christ’s army, I am a winner.