Daily Devotions From Maranatha

February 4, 2018


Mission Complete

Joshua 24:5,8

I sent Moses and Aaron, and I plagued Egypt, according to that which I did among them: and afterward I brought you out. And I brought you into the land of the Amorites.

God has never yet failed to accomplish what He has set out to to do. There is another part to this too, He never will either. He is fully able to get every thing that He desires accomplished in His plan and will.

It seemed like an impossible thing for God to break the yoke of slavery that the Israelites were under. Pharaoh was so powerful and had such authority that you could almost hear the children of Israel say as Moses told them that God would deliver them, “Who can stand against Pharaoh, even God is not able to break a man such as he?”

They were in very strong hands and under terrific bondage in Egypt. Yet, no man is any match for Almighty God and He proved it. He did whatever was necessary to deliver His people. Not just once, but many times in their release and pilgrimage did God move in supernatural ways to accomplish His will.

I can assuredly tell you today, that God has not changed. Time has not weakened Him nor taken from His ability to deliver His children. The greatest bondage that man has ever been in was the bondage to sin and the penalty of death that sin brings. Even this was no match for the mercy and grace of God. With one fatal swoop, Jesus Christ came to earth as a child, grew to manhood, accomplished the will of the Father and ended the reign of sin and death over mankind with his own death on the cross. This sacrificial death, the just for the unjust, was exactly what was needed to accomplish that feat. The resurrection of Jesus from the grave was the final sign that God had accepted the Son’s payment. The price had been paid, redemption had been accomplished and man was able to be free forever.

God has brought you out and He will bring you in to the life of fullness that you desire and that He wants for you. God can do it, nothing is too hard for Him. Start believing and confessing it today.

MY WORD CONFESSION: God brought me out of sin to bring me into the life of abundance and victory and He will complete it.