another comforter

Steve McMichael - December 6, 2018

John 14:16

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever

Jesus was speaking here of an event that was to come in the near future. He knew that soon He would be leaving this earth and the disciples that He loved. He also knew that they would be lost and powerless without Him. He had just recently told them that without Him, they could do nothing. So, now you can imagine how they must have felt when He told them that He was going away and that they were to be left here on earth.

What was this that Jesus was telling them that He was going to do for them? What was this Comforter that He was going to ask the Father to give to them? Well, they didn’t know, but looking back from our vantage point here in time, we know what he meant. He was speaking of the Holy Spirit that was to come to fill each and every believer. Notice that He said “another” Comforter would come. It would be one just like Him that would come. Jesus was saying that He would literally send one who would in reality be Him in the Spirit. Now every believer could have the presence of Jesus in their lives at all times and in all places. While on the earth, in the physical body, Jesus could only be one place at a time and then only with the believers. What He is saying is that now He will be wherever any believer is and not just be with him, but in him.

What does this mean to you and to me? It means that now we have the power of Jesus available to us at all times. He said without Him we could do nothing, but now we would never be without Him. We would never be powerless again. Hence the scripture becomes real, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. You as a believer have the power and ability of God residing in you to accomplish all the mighty works of God. You have another Comforter

MY WORD CONFESSION: Jesus prayed and our Father has sent me another Comforter, I can do all things through Him.