Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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seated with christ

This verse is one of the most powerful and meaningful verses in all the Bible for you and me. The word here rendered "power" is more literally translated "authority." Therefore, it would read, "All authority is given to me in Heaven and in earth." Jesus has all authority and all power, there is none higher than Him nor is there any mightier than Him.When Christ ascended, He transferred His authority to the Church. He more

from the cross to the throne

What I am going to share with you today will fly in the face of most of the religious community. The reason it will is that it will seem to go against one of the most sacred doctrines of the Church.The problem is that we've preached a "cross" religion, and we need to preach a "throne" religion. By that, I mean that people have thought they were supposed to remain at the Cross. Some more

the sovereignty of god

There is no doubt that the traditional view that is taught concerning the sovereignty of God is robbing many Christians. It is immobilizing faith and stealing away victory. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the sovereignty of God, I just don’t believe in it the way that I hear most everyone talking and teaching about it. This includes Christians and non Christians alike.The dictionary defines sovereignty as supreme power, the greatest in rank. more

be bold

I have read the whole book, I know the outcome. We win! This is so reassuring in the uncertain times that we live in. Knowing the whole story and knowing that the outcome is already settled affords us great boldness in our daily living. We are on the winning team, we should be celebrating our victory now. There is no debate of the issue nor will there be a review of the play, it more

simple obedience

I know the importance of obedience. As a parent I have learned the necessity of teaching obedience to your children. There are times when instant obedience is not only pleasing to the parent, but also is absolutely necessary and beneficial to the child to insure their safety and protection. When a car is coming and your child is about to dart out into the street, there is no time to stop and explain all more

alive in christ

The epistle to the Ephesian church is filled with deep and wonderful truths that will enable and empower the believer who comprehends them and is able to apply them to everyday life.One of the greatest and most revolutionary of these teachings has to do with the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and how that applies to believers now. Through Paul, the Holy Spirit is saying that as a believer, you have been quickened, more

a special people

We are truly called to be a special people. In fact, the Bible states it as we are a peculiar people. Now by that, it doesn’t mean, as some Christians seem to think, that we are to be misfits, holier than thou, who are no earthly good because they are so heavenly minded. I tell you, that you cannot be heavenly minded without being earthly good. We are to be peculiar in the fact more

thy kingdom come

Jesus was teaching His disciples how to pray. They had ask if He would do this, since John had taught his disciples. It seems kind of strange to us that they had to ask Jesus to teach them how that they were supposed to pray. Most of us have grown up around church and have heard prayers all of our lives, so we know how to pray. This was a fairly new concept to more

you’ve got the power

Christians today are laboring under a misconception that is really devastating to their lives and to their witness. For some reason, there is this teaching that anything miraculous and anything supernatural has either been done away with or is of the devil. Now where do you think that teaching would come from? It seems pretty obvious to me. It would come from the one who does not want you, as a Christian, to live more

the final authority

We all want to live in victory, peace and prosperity. I believe that it not only can be done, but that it is the expected lifestyle for all who are believers. That puts many of us in a dilemma doesn’t it? The reason that we do not see those expected results in our lives is very simple. If we are to live in financial success, if we are to live in health, if we more