Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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what is truth?

The society of today would tell you that there really is no absolute truth. In the mind set of this present age, all truth is relative. In other words, truth is only truth if it goes along with what a person really wants to believe. There are no unmovable standards by which we can set our sights. The term “if it feels good, do it” reflects this present day philosophy.I have a really good more

sincere isn’t enough

It is not enough to have a zeal for God. There is so much more to the Christian life than that. I can just hear some of you saying, “Well now Brother Steve, if you have a zeal for God then that is all you need.” On the surface that might seem right, but take a look at Saul of Tarsus. Never was there a man with more zeal for God than he had. more

the joy of the lord

Many people don’t realize that God wants them to be joyful. Now that literally means that He wants them to be full of joy. Has it ever occurred to you that God wants you to be full of joy? Well, it should because the Bible says it in many ways and places.I have a feeling that if I took a poll, I would find an interesting statistic. I believe that the vast majority of more

jesus always; jesus only

We are living in times that are unique in so many ways. We are seeing so much prophetic fulfillment in our news daily, that there should be no question in anyone’s mind that these are end times. No, we don’t know the exact time and so forth, but we do know the seasons.The Bible makes it clear that one of the signs of the end of time will be that there will be many more

what does the scripture say?

We are all faced with many decisions each and every day. Some are very important and life changing and some are insignificant and do not really matter all that much.In every decision there is one very important question that we must all ask ourselves, “What does the Scripture say?” It doesn’t matter what science says, what tradition says, what the world says or even what family and friends say. The Bible is the final more

what must we do?

I suppose that this question in one form or another is the question that has been asked, over the span of time, more than any other. People are really and truly interested in how to do the things of God, how to work the works of God, how to know God in a personal way and to know that He is pleased with them. Even the heathen have a built in desire to know more

knowing the mind of god

It is a common belief in many Christian circles to believe that it is next to impossible to know the mind of God. Except for special conditions, and a select few believers, the mind and ways of God are a mystery that most believe will remain unknown. Even though this is a widely accepted truth, it is a sadly mistaken acceptance. The reason that it is so sad is that it is just not more

the unspeakable gift

This is the time of the year when everyone is in the holiday spirit. People are giving and receiving gifts, families are getting together for celebration feasts and the kids are eagerly looking forward to waking to find out if they have been naughty or nice. What is all of this about? It is the season to celebrate, the time to praise God for His gift unspeakable. The time to let the world know more

beware the spoilers

Once I opened a freezer and man did I ever get a surprise. The freezer had quit working a few days before and all the items in there had thawed and were rotten. That was the worst smell that I think I have ever smelled. Everything in there had spoiled, it was no good for anything except dog food. The same thing can happen to you if you are not careful. Now I am more

a citizen of heaven

I am an American, through and through, and I love my country. I am as patriotic as anyone. When I see the Red, White, and Blue waving it gives goose bumps. Any time I am somewhere that they play the National Anthem, tears come to my eyes. I am so grateful for the liberty that I have in the United States of America and I do not take lightly what it cost to have more