Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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pressing on together

Written By: Mechele McMichael

Life is a mixture of excitement and disappointment, successes and failures, joys and sorrows. This is true even of the Christian's life. What do Christians do when they experience pain, when dreams are shattered, when relationships go sour? They "press on," with confidence of God's love and ability to sustain. They know that He is present with them and will never leave nor forsake them. If they have messed things up, they depend on more

out with the old, in with the new

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone. I seems like the longer we are here on this earth, the faster the years seem to fly by. As I look back, I think of how I used to wonder about the future and what it would bring. Well, the future is now the present and far too soon, the present will be the past. You know, we have to be more

god’s will, god’s way, god’s time

The life of Moses has so much to offer us in the way of learning about God’s protection, provision and power. I believe that there is so much recorded about Moses because God is wanting to reveal to us how He works in the lives of people on a daily and practical basis. To me, this is one of the areas that Christians fail to comprehend and therefore, fail to avail themselves of. For more

wisdom and revelation

The Bible is very clear on the issue of wisdom and spiritual understanding. You need to read the whole context of this verse and understand that it is a prayer that Paul prayed for the church at Ephesus. You must remember also that the whole Bible is given for us and the fact that God had this prayer recorded is proof that we can claim to be recipients of the blessings of it also.You know, more

enjoy your journey

I remember back in our lives to a time when things were really up in the air. There were many changes going on in our lives and ministry. We were not sure about certain aspects of our calling and direction was not clear. The things that we had always believed and preached were being challenged by the situations and circumstances of life. The devil was having a good time telling us that this victorious more

agents on assignment

The Word of God is life. It is powerful. It is awesome, and has the ability to revolutionize our lives, and change our world. But we must know that truth, and allow it to work in our lives. We need to understand what the Lord requires of us and to discover how to fulfill the destiny that He has for our lives. We are chosen agents on assignment, sent into the kingdoms of the more

pleasing god

It is almost unbelievable for most people to think that a man or a woman can actually please God. The Bible teaches that we not only can please God, but that we can also bless Him and bring glory to Him as we live for Him on this earth.It is important to remember that all of us are created for a purpose and all have a divine plan for our lives. It is in more

the steps of a good man

The first thing that we need to establish in this devotion is to whom it applies. The reason for this is that I know people and I know how the devil works. Immediately most people reading this will repeat what they hear the devil speak into their minds and that is that this can’t be for me, because I know that really I am not all that good. Therefore this is not applicable to me, more

the secret of contentment

If you ask most people today what they think is the key to living a contented life, most of them would say that contentment comes from accomplishing goals in business, or in attaining great wealth. Perhaps others would say that contentment comes from having good social standing or from having a loving family. All of these are certainly things that we would all like to have and even strive for. There is nothing inherently more

a special gift

It is common knowledge among believers that the greatest gift ever given is the gift of eternal life. This gift is available because God was willing to give, as a gift to the world, His only begotten Son. This is what the scripture is talking about when it says, “Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift (1 Cor. 9:15). There is no debate over this issue, it is unquestionably accepted that this is more