Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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no condemnation

For many Christians, this verse has no real meaning, yet it should be like a lifeline that is thrown out to them in a sea of guilt. Are you one of the ones who always feels that God is not going to answer your prayers or will not bless you or will pass you over for healing because you are not worthy?This is the case with so many people. The devil knows that he can’ more

alive in christ

The epistle to the Ephesian church is filled with deep and wonderful truths that will enable and empower the believer who comprehends them and is able to apply them to everyday life.One of the greatest and most revolutionary of these teachings has to do with the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and how that applies to believers now. Through Paul, the Holy Spirit is saying that as a believer, you have been quickened, more

seated with christ

This verse is one of the most powerful and meaningful verses in all the Bible for you and me. The word here rendered "power" is more literally translated "authority." Therefore, it would read, "All authority is given to me in Heaven and in earth." Jesus has all authority and all power, there is none higher than Him nor is there any mightier than Him.When Christ ascended, He transferred His authority to the Church. He more

the in crowd

There is a group of people that is known as the “in crowd”. This group is the one that everyone is supposed to want to be like. They have the nicest cars, the most expensive home, and they are always invited to, and are the life of, every party.I have known people who would do just about anything to get to be a part of the in crowd. They would turn their backs on more

they called them christians

Names are something that we are all familiar with. I guess it is because we all have at least one. New parents to be, often spend hours looking through books of names to try to find that perfect one for the soon to arrive. Is it really important and does it really matter about a persons name, does a name mean anything? Well if you read the Bible you will see that what a more

from the cross to the throne

What I am going to share with you today will fly in the face of most of the religious community. The reason it will is that it will seem to go against one of the most sacred doctrines of the Church.The problem is that we've preached a "cross" religion, and we need to preach a "throne" religion. By that, I mean that people have thought they were supposed to remain at the Cross. Some more

sit, walk, stand

There is a natural progression in the Christian life that is described by these three commands. These words, in this order are the basics of the growth and development of a Christian. If we will learn these basic essentials, we can understand the process of going from an infant to a mature adult in the walk of faith.The first thing that we must learn to do is to sit. The Bible says that we more

about victory over death

Written By: Mechele McMichael

I have wanted to write a devotion about this topic for awhile. I know God has been preparing my heart to have the words to say. It is my desire that this devotion will bring much peace and comfort to those of you who can't quite seem to get the victory that belongs to you. The sadness of losing someone to death may keep you from seeing the realities in Christ. We too have more

what must we do?

I suppose that this question in one form or another is the question that has been asked, over the span of time, more than any other. People are really and truly interested in how to do the things of God, how to work the works of God, how to know God in a personal way and to know that He is pleased with them. Even the heathen have a built in desire to know more

keep on growing

In this lifetime, we have a standard set before us. The mark that we are all to strive to attain was set by Jesus and is perfection. Now I know that you must be thinking that this is an impossible task so why bother even trying. Well, in the natural and in your own strength, you would be right. It is too high for the attaining. But, you must remember that God is perfect more