Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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be the church

The main emphasis in most churches seems to be to get the people to come to church. Many hours are spent across our land in staff meetings with pastors and their support personnel trying to come up with new ways to get the members of the congregation to be faithful each Sunday and Wednesday in their attendance to the services of their home church. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in church attendance more

united we stand

There is a great patriotic move across America today. The citizens of the United States have united against the common enemy, terrorism. I have been truly blessed by the unity and oneness that I have seen; I am a patriot and Christian. As a Christian, it is my God given duty to love my country and to pray for its leaders. I do not take the liberty that we all have for granted. I more

fellowship is sweet

Written By: Mechele McMichael

Sometimes, we enjoy getting away for a few days. But, as they say it's always good to come home. It is good to get back to our kids, to our family and to our church. I have always known how blessed we are as a church body. It is a reminder to me that the fellowship of the saints is a precious blessing. Somehow when you're away and come back you feel refreshed and more

a need to see jesus

There is a lot going on in the Christian world that is not being very productive. You will find that in most churches there is plenty to keep everyone busy. I was told one time by a well to do pastor that if you wanted to keep people in your church, you had to keep them busy. He did a good job of that too. Everyone who would do it, was put on some more

the crucified life

Sometimes I wonder why so few really seem to get into the Christian life. I am not talking about going to church. I know many who attend church every time the doors are open. They are there for Sunday School and even Wednesday night, yet there is no real power and no real difference in their lives than those of just good old moral people. It seems that they have a hard time living more

first things first

This world is full of many evils and injustices. It is almost a thing of the past to be able to really feel safe, apart from the divine protection that we have from God., On a normal day, if you watch the news, you will see that there have been robberies, murders, rapes, bombings and the like all across our land. In the natural, things look hopeless. These and all the other terrible things more

glass houses

Living in a glass house could be dangerous, as we all know, those living in glass houses should never start a stone throwing battle. The results could be very cutting. There is also another thing to consider if you live in a glass house. Privacy would be a hard commodity to come by, any one at any time could pass by and see all that was going on inside.What has this got to do more

understanding mysteries

One of the most debated and controversial subjects in the church in these days is the subject of the miracle gifts of the Spirit. Some will tell you that they have all been done away with, some will say that they never have existed and still others will say that they are real and are still in operation today.Believing the Bible and taking the whole scripture in context, I have to say that I more

god’s people

God has always had a people. He has always had those who were faithful to Him, those who would trust in Him and be obedient to Him. Sometimes the numbers were very few, as in the days of Noah and at other times the numbers grew at an astounding rate, such as in the days of the early church. The truth of this scripture is that everyone or anyone of any race, creed, nationality more

more than mere men

It is expected that believers grow and mature in Christ after they are born again. There should be noticeable maturity in the life of each and every person who becomes a Christian. The idea that a person gets born again and then never grows toward maturity in Christ is just not Biblical, although it has been a problem in the Church almost since its conception. This is the problem that Paul is addressing here more