Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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dare to believe

Faith is a very powerful force. Professionals in the medical field will tell you that those who have faith to overcome deadly sickness are much more likely to survive than those who don’t. Irrespective of whether a person is a Christian or not, faith and a positive outlook have great benefits. How can this be? The reason is that God put into motion a simple truth. Man is created to be healthy and has more

god likes variety

Have you ever noticed how diverse God’s creation is? There are multitudes of animals that are so different and diverse that they amaze scientists. There are millions of insects, all different. No two snowflakes are alike. Every individual on the earth is amazingly similar yet totally different. No two fingerprints are alike, no two people are alike.Since God is the author of diversity, is should not surprise us that we, who are created in more

be yourself

One of the problems that I see with many Christians is the lack of liberty to just be themselves. This is especially true when groups of Christians get together. It seems that there is this pressure to “act” a certain way, a way that is perceived as being spiritual.I have had the privilege of meeting many wonderful men and women of God, those called to full time vocational ministry. In my times with these people, more

something of great value

Man, God’s highest and most crowned creation, was made above all other of God’s creations. Even though man disobeyed God, choosing to sin, thus marring that image, his God likeness was not totally destroyed. The effect of sin did not make man less than human.There is still a huge gap between all other created beings and human beings. He still has a place far above all of the rest of creation. Human life is more

god don’t make no junk

I am so glad that there is one saying that God does not have in His vocabulary, and it is “uh oh”. The reason for this is that God has never made any mistakes. He has never needed to use that saying. Everything that He does, He does it from an omniscient viewpoint. He already sees the end from the beginning. He knows the outcome and needs before there are any needs.Think of this more

pressing in

The kingdom of God, what an awesome concept. I am surprised that so few really know what it means to be a part of and partaker in this great powerful entity. The very name implies its wonderfulness, a realm in which God is King. Where is this realm? It is wherever there is anything, because God has created everything, and everything that God created is included in His kingdom. In other words, God rules, more

the right way

I can remember driving along one time, headed to Colorado. We had just pulled over for a break and a rest stop and were on our way again. A few minutes went by and I felt that something wasn’t quite right. Very soon, I realized that I wasn’t headed to Colorado, I was headed right back to Texas. Now to you that might seem like a dumb thing to do, but you have to more

living water

I can remember when we lived in Colorado going up into the mountains and sitting beside a river that was flowing down out of the high country. There was a steady stream rushing by with all the sounds of water running over rocks. It was so peaceful and serene, especially during the early summer when the snow melt was causing a heavy run off. The power of the water and the relentlessness of it more

what a privilege

I wonder how many believers have taken the time lately to simply thank God for the privilege of being saved. God has done so much for us and so many just seem to take it all for granted. It is almost as though people think that God owed them their salvation or that He is in some way responsible for their individual sins. You know what I mean, people say things such as, “Well, more

independence day

We all know that the Bible says that man was created in the image of God. As God's highest creation, and in that image, it is a given that man should be free. There is no scriptural foundation for any other teaching. That is one of the reasons that America is a great nation. It is founded on the liberating Biblical concept of freedom.When the citizens of the early colonies declared their freedom from more