Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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taking it to the streets

This verse is often called the Great Commission. It is the last thing that Jesus spoke to His disciples before He was taken up to be at the right hand of the Father. He went on to say to teach them to observe all things that I have taught you.Do you realize what Jesus was really saying here? He was giving His disciples the authority to go out and make other disciples, who were more

a true disciple

The term disciple is a very familiar term to all who have read the Bible, to all who have grown up in church. Just about everyone is understands the general meaning of the word. When used in the Bible, the term applies to one who is a follower of Jesus. The actual Greek word translated disciple means a learner. Therefore, we can understand that the word means one who learns of and follows Jesus more

the ministry of jesus

Jesus didn’t spend His time dining with kings or going to parties with the elite of His day. You wouldn’t have found His name on the social registry of the rich and famous. Yet, His impact on the world was more than any king or rich and famous person. He went about doing good and meeting the needs of people each and every day of His ministry. His life was lived for the benefit more

thy kingdom come

Jesus was teaching His disciples how to pray. They had ask if He would do this, since John had taught his disciples. It seems kind of strange to us that they had to ask Jesus to teach them how that they were supposed to pray. Most of us have grown up around church and have heard prayers all of our lives, so we know how to pray. This was a fairly new concept to more

expect the unexpected

You can throw away the book, things aren’t like they used to be and aren’t like we suppose that they are going to be. We have entered into times that defy the norm. Don’t expect the things that worked last year to work this year. God is moving us into a new and exciting era and we must stay in close communication with Him if we want to keep up.That is the way that more

the word of truth

God never has and never will do anything apart from His Word. That's an eternal, everlasting fact. It cannot be changed. Yet, we act as though that isn't true when we try everything we can think of to get a hold of God. We cry, we pray, we fast, we do all sorts of things. But we don't stop and realize that the Word, the written Word of God, is just as much God more

don’t be troubled

In these days that we are living in, it is good to hear the words of Jesus that He spoke to His disciples in a time in their lives when they were troubled. He encouraged them to not be troubled or worried about the disturbing things that they were hearing.We also can take refuge in these words. He said that He was going to go to the Father to prepare a place for all more

be bold

I have read the whole book, I know the outcome. We win! This is so reassuring in the uncertain times that we live in. Knowing the whole story and knowing that the outcome is already settled affords us great boldness in our daily living. We are on the winning team, we should be celebrating our victory now. There is no debate of the issue nor will there be a review of the play, it more

the divine comforter

These words that Jesus spoke here to His disciples were not the ones that they wanted to hear. They were not excited a bit about His telling them that He was going to go away. Jesus had been there for them for the last three years and had provided everything that they had needed from food to fellowship. He was their Healer and their Helper. The one whom they had learned to depend on more

face to face with the impossible

Can you picture in your mind the dilemma the disciples were facing in the text of this verse? For three days, Jesus had been ministering to 4000 men and who knows how many women and children were there. He had been healing the people of all kinds of sickness and disease. The lame got up and walked, the deaf could hear, blind eyes were opened, leprosy was cured, there just wasn’t any limit to more