Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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fellowship is sweet

Written By: Mechele McMichael

Sometimes, we enjoy getting away for a few days. But, as they say it's always good to come home. It is good to get back to our kids, to our family and to our church. I have always known how blessed we are as a church body. It is a reminder to me that the fellowship of the saints is a precious blessing. Somehow when you're away and come back you feel refreshed and more

confess don’t cover

We as Christians are so blessed. God has provided us with everything that we need in every area of life. The Word says that He has blessed us with all spiritual blessings. He shows His great desire to have a relationship and fellowship with us in the fact that He has made a way for us to have our sins taken care of and cleansed on a daily basis. We know that sin would more

turn the tables

We as Christians are called to live a special kind of life. We are expected to live our lives in such a way that we bring glory and honor to God. In so doing, there are certain things that we should and must abstain from. We are to have no fellowship with any unfruitful works of darkness, but rather we are to reprove them.The Bible also tells us in 1 Corinthians 10: 20-21 …and more

a vessel of honor

There is a chorus that we sing that says, “Lord make me a vessel of honor a vessel of praise, a vessel to worship you all of my days.” The truth in this little song is that we are made to honor and to praise God. It is our privilege to worship and serve him here on this earth and to bring glory to His name. We are His representative to the world and more

i will call upon the lord

The Bible is very clear about this subject. It says, “whosoever’. Well, that means me. I can call upon the name of the Lord and He will save me. You may be saying, “Well, I know that anyone can be saved and I am saved, but I have other problems now. I need help in other ways like bills, health, provision, deliverance,” and so on it goes.You know, that is the way so many more

it’s up to you

It sometimes seems that God is so far away. I think that is why we so often refer to our God, who is up in heaven. You know, in theory that is correct, God is in heaven; but, He is also here on the earth. God is everywhere present at one time. It is possible for God to be close to you in proximity and yet be miles away in your ability to actually more

what a following

I t is so good to have the Bible give us promises like this. I don’t know about you, but I need to be told things like this all the time. I need to be reminded of these things. We are living in such a rapidly changing world. What was so yesterday just isn’t necessarily so today. What you used to could count on; you may not be able to count on anymore. With more

pressing on together

Written By: Mechele McMichael

Life is a mixture of excitement and disappointment, successes and failures, joys and sorrows. This is true even of the Christian's life. What do Christians do when they experience pain, when dreams are shattered, when relationships go sour? They "press on," with confidence of God's love and ability to sustain. They know that He is present with them and will never leave nor forsake them. If they have messed things up, they depend on more

the divine comforter

These words that Jesus spoke here to His disciples were not the ones that they wanted to hear. They were not excited a bit about His telling them that He was going to go away. Jesus had been there for them for the last three years and had provided everything that they had needed from food to fellowship. He was their Healer and their Helper. The one whom they had learned to depend on more

the cure for care

This scripture should be in the memory of every Christian all the time, everywhere. It is Jesus speaking and is His promise to all that God will take good care of them, He is giving the format for God’s plan and program for man.Notice the context in which Jesus is speaking. He is saying in the verses before that we should not get burdened down by all the things of this world. The material more