Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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a special gift

It is common knowledge among believers that the greatest gift ever given is the gift of eternal life. This gift is available because God was willing to give, as a gift to the world, His only begotten Son. This is what the scripture is talking about when it says, “Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift (1 Cor. 9:15). There is no debate over this issue, it is unquestionably accepted that this is more

the unspeakable gift

This is the time of the year when everyone is in the holiday spirit. People are giving and receiving gifts, families are getting together for celebration feasts and the kids are eagerly looking forward to waking to find out if they have been naughty or nice. What is all of this about? It is the season to celebrate, the time to praise God for His gift unspeakable. The time to let the world know more

working out my salvation

I think that sometimes we need to take a fresh look at salvation and all that is involved in it. We know that salvation is by grace through faith. It is also the free gift of God that no man can earn by works or deeds. (Eph. 2:8-9) If salvation is a free gift that is not earned or deserved, then why does this verse say that we are to work out our salvation? more

the next step is yours

When it comes to becoming a Christian, we have to say that it is all God’s work. He is the initiator, He is the one who reached out first to mankind. It is He who made the way clear so that we could be saved. If it were not for this initial work of God in reaching out to man, there would be no salvation and man would forever be doomed to live and more

stir it up

I can remember as a youngster, going camping overnight with my Dad. We had such fun and one of the things that I loved the most about camping was the campfire. I would sit transfixed, gazing into that fire for what seemed like hours. I was fascinated by the sounds, colors and smells that always accompanied a campfire.After finally going to bed, the very first thing that I did when I woke up the more

it’s all grace

We all know that salvation is by grace through faith. That sounds simple enough, and it is. God didn’t make salvation hard. He didn’t give us a list of arduous tasks to perform, or a certain number of years that we had to work so that we could attain our salvation. He made is plain and simple. He gives it to us as a gift that we can neither earn nor deserve.It is amazing more

jesus did it for me

The prophecy that Isaiah wrote here, some 800 years before the actual event, is the whole gospel in a nutshell. He saw in the spirit that Jesus would die on the cross and that His death would be a substitution for any and all who would accept it.I wonder if we really even begin to comprehend what all this really means. To think about it is really mind boggling. Just think for a moment more

every good gift

It is so amusing to listen to people talk about God. You would be amazed at some of the things that I have heard people say about him. You would also be shocked to find out just how little most people really trust Him. I am not just talking about the lost people, I am referring to people who claim to be born again. I do not doubt their salvation experience, but I just more


Eternal life is free to you. It cost Jesus His life, but He freely gives it to you. Even though your salvation can’t be bought or earned, it does not come without a price for you to pay.Sometimes I think we do new converts or potential converts a disservice by telling them things such as, “Just give your life to Jesus and all your problems will be gone.” Another thing that we often tell more

blessing after blessing

I get so tired of hearing the skeptics and the doubters talk about how that God wants His people to barely get by. For some unknown reason to me, they cannot find it in themselves to believe that God is not only good, but that He delights in blessing His children.The devil has really done a snow job on some people. He has them thinking of God as a mean old miser who has plenty, more