Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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i will call upon the lord

The Bible is very clear about this subject. It says, “whosoever’. Well, that means me. I can call upon the name of the Lord and He will save me. You may be saying, “Well, I know that anyone can be saved and I am saved, but I have other problems now. I need help in other ways like bills, health, provision, deliverance,” and so on it goes.You know, that is the way so many more

you can know

I am amazed at how people confuse the simple truth of the gospel. When I say people, I am not talking about the way out, crazies. You know those who say that there is no heaven or hell, but it is just life here on earth and you make it heaven or hell by the way you live. Nor am I talking about those who say that it doesn’t matter how you live or more

thy kingdom come

Jesus was teaching His disciples how to pray. They had ask if He would do this, since John had taught his disciples. It seems kind of strange to us that they had to ask Jesus to teach them how that they were supposed to pray. Most of us have grown up around church and have heard prayers all of our lives, so we know how to pray. This was a fairly new concept to more

the narrow way

Jesus was teaching eternal principles to His followers in this passage when He said that the gate was small and the way to eternal life was narrow. Many have taken this to mean that the Christian life is a hard life and that there will only be a few who will find it. Jesus did say that there were few that would find it, but few as compared to how many. When you look more

a citizen of heaven

I am an American, through and through, and I love my country. I am as patriotic as anyone. When I see the Red, White, and Blue waving it gives goose bumps. Any time I am somewhere that they play the National Anthem, tears come to my eyes. I am so grateful for the liberty that I have in the United States of America and I do not take lightly what it cost to have more

seated with christ

This verse is one of the most powerful and meaningful verses in all the Bible for you and me. The word here rendered "power" is more literally translated "authority." Therefore, it would read, "All authority is given to me in Heaven and in earth." Jesus has all authority and all power, there is none higher than Him nor is there any mightier than Him.When Christ ascended, He transferred His authority to the Church. He more

sit, walk, stand

There is a natural progression in the Christian life that is described by these three commands. These words, in this order are the basics of the growth and development of a Christian. If we will learn these basic essentials, we can understand the process of going from an infant to a mature adult in the walk of faith.The first thing that we must learn to do is to sit. The Bible says that we more

keys to the kingdom

I don't have to tell you what a key is, or what it is for. We all know that keys are for opening doors that are locked and for locking doors that are open. It all depends on what your need is whether you are going to lock or unlock. In the Scripture, a key represents power and authority.According to this verse then, God has given to believers the power and authority to lock more

it’s up to you

It sometimes seems that God is so far away. I think that is why we so often refer to our God, who is up in heaven. You know, in theory that is correct, God is in heaven; but, He is also here on the earth. God is everywhere present at one time. It is possible for God to be close to you in proximity and yet be miles away in your ability to actually more

taking it by force

The kingdom of God has marched forward in a world that is and will be opposed to all that God is doing, all that God has planned and all that God has loved. This is nothing new to or unique to our own era. This verse refers specifically to the time period when John the Baptist was announcing that the Messiah was coming and when Jesus was actually upon this earth. We know that more