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going with the flow

There is a great moving and outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the earth these days. This happening is in greater measure and on a far wider scale than ever before. The prophets of old foretold this event centuries ago. Joel records, " And I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh…" God is looking today for people who will cooperate with His Spirit in this present move; people who want to move more

discovering the things of god

There is a vast reserve that God has stored up, just waiting on us to explore. The things of God are waiting to be discovered. God has put them where they can be found by any believer who will diligently seek after them. There is a very important key to finding the things of God. This key is having a renewed mind that will flow with the revelation the Holy Spirit gives from the more

we’ve got the power

We as Christians never need pray these words, “Lord give me power.” The fact is that we have the power, we have all the power that we need for any situation and circumstance.When Jesus spoke these words, He was referring to a brand new work and dispensation in the unfolding will and plan of God. You see, up until this time, men had not been indwelt by the Holy Spirit in the way that more

a vision of god

This verse tells of a special time in the life of the prophet Isaiah. He had a vision of the awesome majesty and holiness of God. He got a glimpse into the throne room where God was on His throne surrounded by powerful angelic beings, the seraphim, who were crying out, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory.”This event in the life of Isaiah was more

let it flow

Jesus gave this wonderful promise to all who would believe on Him. He knew that it was going to be necessary for those who would come to follow Him to be endued with a special and supernatural power. He knew, all too well, the impossibility of anyone to live the Christian life in their own strength and by their own power. That is what He was referring to in John 15 when He said more

the next step is yours

When it comes to becoming a Christian, we have to say that it is all God’s work. He is the initiator, He is the one who reached out first to mankind. It is He who made the way clear so that we could be saved. If it were not for this initial work of God in reaching out to man, there would be no salvation and man would forever be doomed to live and more

exciting times

Truly, we are living in some of the most exciting times in the history of mankind. This verse in Acts is referring back to a prophecy in Joel 2:28 and is saying that this is the fulfillment of that prophecy. Now think about that for a moment. This was written almost 2000 years ago, when the Holy Spirit was given to all mankind at Pentecost. Now if this is true, then we are really more

more than mere men

It is expected that believers grow and mature in Christ after they are born again. There should be noticeable maturity in the life of each and every person who becomes a Christian. The idea that a person gets born again and then never grows toward maturity in Christ is just not Biblical, although it has been a problem in the Church almost since its conception. This is the problem that Paul is addressing here more

the latter rain

When I read this verse, I am reminded of the process of seed time and harvest. It is so important when a farmer plants his crop in the spring that there be moisture in the soil. God sends the former rain to germinate the seed so that it can begin to grow. That former rain along with continual showers gets the plant off to a good start. Often during the hot, dry summer months more

soaring like the eagles

Written By: Mechele McMichael

What is a vision? Webster's Dictionary says it is, the power to be able to see, or the ability to foresee something as through mental acuteness. That sounds great! Now, lets take that a step further. What does spiritual mean? Webster's says that it is of the spirit or soul. Do you have Spiritual Vision? Your spirit must be connected to God's Spirit in order for you to have Spiritual Vision. This can only more