Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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out with the old, in with the new

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone. I seems like the longer we are here on this earth, the faster the years seem to fly by. As I look back, I think of how I used to wonder about the future and what it would bring. Well, the future is now the present and far too soon, the present will be the past. You know, we have to be more

in hope of the glory

This verse says that we have been justified by faith and therefore have peace with God. It is so comforting to know that justification is a finished work, not something that we have to daily strive for. There would not be very much confidence in our lives if we had to daily prove our worthiness to be justified. Many people have a hard time accepting this truth, they just can’t believe that they don’t more

between you and me

Life is filled with choices. You make thousands of them each and every day. Some that you make, you are not even aware of, they are almost immediate. For example, the choice to wake up in the morning is automatic, the choice to get up takes some will power. Most of our choices don’t have too many consequences if we make the wrong decision nor do they require too much consideration. But, there are more

the unspeakable gift

This is the time of the year when everyone is in the holiday spirit. People are giving and receiving gifts, families are getting together for celebration feasts and the kids are eagerly looking forward to waking to find out if they have been naughty or nice. What is all of this about? It is the season to celebrate, the time to praise God for His gift unspeakable. The time to let the world know more

set apart

This, you will recognize, is part of the prayer that Jesus prayed. It is the prayer that He prayed for His disciples and all those who would later come to be His followers. This includes every born again saint from that time till now. Praise the Lord, that means it is a prayer that Jesus prayed for me. I am the beneficiary of this prayer and so are you if you are a born more

every promise in the book is mine

The Bible is filled with promises, promises of victory, promises of blessing, promises of peace, promises of prosperity, promises of health, you name it, and if it is good, then the Bible has a promise for it. Now some people will try to justify the fact that they are not experiencing these blessings by saying that these were written to the Jews, the chosen of God, or that these were Old Testament promises and more

joy for strength

We have a secret weapon that the devil simply has no defense against. This weapon is the joy of the Lord. When this weapon is deployed, he has no counter attack. There is nothing that he can defeat you with when you are living in the joy of the Lord. You need to notice that this is the Lord’s joy, and not yours. It originates with Him and then emanates to you. It is more

mind games

It has been said that whoever controls the mind, controls the body. That is a very true statement. If you can gain control of a person’s mind, you can literally control what that person does, how they will respond to certain stimuli. The mind is a very powerful force, exerting power that will win over ration and reason. You see, if a person thinks a certain way, they will respond in accordance to their more

you’ve got the power

Christians today are laboring under a misconception that is really devastating to their lives and to their witness. For some reason, there is this teaching that anything miraculous and anything supernatural has either been done away with or is of the devil. Now where do you think that teaching would come from? It seems pretty obvious to me. It would come from the one who does not want you, as a Christian, to live more

keep on growing

In this lifetime, we have a standard set before us. The mark that we are all to strive to attain was set by Jesus and is perfection. Now I know that you must be thinking that this is an impossible task so why bother even trying. Well, in the natural and in your own strength, you would be right. It is too high for the attaining. But, you must remember that God is perfect more