Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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the power of patience

Don’t you just love it when people say something like, “Cheer up, you haven’t got it so bad” or “Don’t worry, you are learning from your mistakes”? This is not what you want to hear when having problems or going through trials. Yet, this is just about the way you feel when you first read this passage. I bet every time you have a trial or a test, you say, “Oh joy, another opportunity more

every promise in the book is mine

The Bible is filled with promises, promises of victory, promises of blessing, promises of peace, promises of prosperity, promises of health, you name it, and if it is good, then the Bible has a promise for it. Now some people will try to justify the fact that they are not experiencing these blessings by saying that these were written to the Jews, the chosen of God, or that these were Old Testament promises and more

joy for strength

We have a secret weapon that the devil simply has no defense against. This weapon is the joy of the Lord. When this weapon is deployed, he has no counter attack. There is nothing that he can defeat you with when you are living in the joy of the Lord. You need to notice that this is the Lord’s joy, and not yours. It originates with Him and then emanates to you. It is more

angels unaware

I don’t know what you believe about angels and their involvement in our lives. I would guess that since you believe the Bible, you would agree that angels do exist. Many who believe in the existence of angels either do not understand or just choose to ignore the ministry of angels to the individual believer.Now almost all would agree that we have guardian angels. Even the very unlearned Christian believes that. In fact, many more

debt bustin’ power

I wonder just how many of us really believe that this verse is true. Especially when it comes to being free from debt. Oh, I know that we believe that God can do any thing that He wants to, the problem is that we just don’t think that He wants to do anything in our lives when it comes to getting us out of debt. After all, debt is the American way. It may more

all things?

Point of view is a very important aspect of life. It can be the factor that determines whether you have victory or defeat in your daily life. This is reflected by whether you see that glass as half full or half empty. Either way, the glass has no more or less in it, the only difference is in how you perceive the glass. A half full glass seems better than a half empty glass doesn’ more

god don’t make no junk

I am so glad that there is one saying that God does not have in His vocabulary, and it is “uh oh”. The reason for this is that God has never made any mistakes. He has never needed to use that saying. Everything that He does, He does it from an omniscient viewpoint. He already sees the end from the beginning. He knows the outcome and needs before there are any needs.Think of this more

our heavenly lawyer

I believe that one of the saddest things that I see in the Christian life is a believer that is so burdened down by past sins that they can't even enjoy their salvation. They know that the Bible teaches that we are to be filled with the joy of the Lord, but for some reason they can't seem to get over things that they have done in the past. It maybe that it was more

be filled

We have a command here in the scripture that is to be taken literally. What is the command? It simply says two things, one, do not be drunk with wine. Most of us have no problem with that. We all agree that we are not to get drunk, that is so simple. The next part of the statement is just as direct and just as simple. It says be filled with the Spirit. I more


Eternal life is free to you. It cost Jesus His life, but He freely gives it to you. Even though your salvation can’t be bought or earned, it does not come without a price for you to pay.Sometimes I think we do new converts or potential converts a disservice by telling them things such as, “Just give your life to Jesus and all your problems will be gone.” Another thing that we often tell more