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all things

This is a very powerful scripture, yet one that you probably have never heard a sermon on. It is tucked away here, as an introduction, in this little book of the Bible. I believe that most often it is just passed by in a hurry to get to the real stuff in this book. Well, there is too much here to just run through it.I want you to notice what this verse is actually more

about seeing beyond the surface of life...

Written By: Mechele McMichael

We all think that we see what is going on. We think we know what is happening. However, the truth is that we only see the surface of things. We see the surface of the people we think we know so well. We only see the surface of the material things of life. We see the brick, mortar, and stone of a building. We see and hear what the T.V. says in the news more

you’ve got the power

Christians today are laboring under a misconception that is really devastating to their lives and to their witness. For some reason, there is this teaching that anything miraculous and anything supernatural has either been done away with or is of the devil. Now where do you think that teaching would come from? It seems pretty obvious to me. It would come from the one who does not want you, as a Christian, to live more

living water

I can remember when we lived in Colorado going up into the mountains and sitting beside a river that was flowing down out of the high country. There was a steady stream rushing by with all the sounds of water running over rocks. It was so peaceful and serene, especially during the early summer when the snow melt was causing a heavy run off. The power of the water and the relentlessness of it more

let it flow

Jesus gave this wonderful promise to all who would believe on Him. He knew that it was going to be necessary for those who would come to follow Him to be endued with a special and supernatural power. He knew, all too well, the impossibility of anyone to live the Christian life in their own strength and by their own power. That is what He was referring to in John 15 when He said more

power in the blood

We all know that the Bible says that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin. We also know and agree that Jesus did shed His blood on the cross and that our sin debt has been paid. That is settled and done with, but many do no know, or do not take full advantage of the other benefits that we have as a result of Jesus’ shed blood.The Bible also more

talk is cheap

There is a saying that says, “Talk is cheap.” What does that mean anyway? I think that it means that anyone can talk about a great elk hunt, or about the big fish even about a good game; but actually putting actions to that talk is something differently. I can remember back in my younger days when I was pole vaulting my way through school. We would go to meets and I would hear more

we’ve got the power

We as Christians never need pray these words, “Lord give me power.” The fact is that we have the power, we have all the power that we need for any situation and circumstance.When Jesus spoke these words, He was referring to a brand new work and dispensation in the unfolding will and plan of God. You see, up until this time, men had not been indwelt by the Holy Spirit in the way that more

not ashamed of the gospel

Paul was a powerful witness for Jesus. He was never at the mercy of the skeptics. They could argue theology all day with him, but he was undaunted by their arguments. The reason is that they got to him too late. He was a persecutor of the Christians and a hater of Jesus. That is until the day that he actually met Jesus on his way to Damascus to persecute the church there. (Acts 9) more

the fear factor

The Bible tells us in both the Old and New Testaments in several places that we, as Christians, are to live by faith.(Hab. 2:4, Rom. 1:17, Gal. 3:11, Heb. 10:38) It goes on to tell us that anything which is not of faith is sin. Most Christians don’t realize that to not live by faith is sin. You see, God is very emphatic about this, our lives are to be characterized by faith. (Trusting more