Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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the sacrifice of praise

Nobody really likes to talk about sacrifice. It is not the most popular tool in the box, but we all have to do it at one time or another. Even though the term makes us think of giving up things or leaving things behind, it is not always so bad. We all sacrifice things daily. For example, when we have more than one thing to do at the same time, we have to sacrifice more

i will bless the lord at all times

There is something great that happens when we praise the Lord. It is really hard to be down and discouraged when we are praising Him. You know praise gets our thoughts off of us and our situations and puts them on God.When I consider myself, I think of only what I can do. I am limiting myself to my own ability and to my own resources. But, when I praise God, my focus changes more


This psalm of David gives insight into the person and life of this remarkable man of God. It is no wonder that the Bible records that David was a man after God’s own heart. You know, David was a just a normal man who chose to follow and to serve the Lord. He was faithful from the days of his childhood and it carried on over into his adult life. He had proved the more

the power of praise

This scripture in the Old Testament tells of the siege of Judah, by the Ammonites, the Moabites and the Edomites. The King, Jehoshaphat was very worried and sought God in prayer. A prophet in the land named Jahaziel came and delivered this word to the King. He said for them not to worry or to be dismayed by the huge multitude against them, that this was not their battle but His and He would more

the main business

The question has been asked many times, "What should be the main business of a Christian?" There are lots of answers and opinions about this, but there is really only one answer.The correct answer to the question can be found in the fact that the main business of man is God and his business! It seems that in this day of religious excitement, when we have had some indications of a stirring in the more

a vessel of honor

There is a chorus that we sing that says, “Lord make me a vessel of honor a vessel of praise, a vessel to worship you all of my days.” The truth in this little song is that we are made to honor and to praise God. It is our privilege to worship and serve him here on this earth and to bring glory to His name. We are His representative to the world and more

lord you are more than enough for me

Written By: Mechele McMichael

The song, "One Day", by Reuban Morgan on one of the Hillsong CD's expresses to us through praise and worship the place where we should all desire to be. The words say:More than I could ever hope or dream of, you have poured your favor on me. One Day in the house of God is better than a thousand days in the world. So Blessed, I can't contain it, so much, I've got to more

getting ready to celebrate

I enjoy watching a good football game on television, I even enjoy watching a player dance all over the end zone after making a touchdown. The crowd cheers with joy as struts, dances, spikes the ball and walks off the field in victory. I have often wondered how long those guys practiced their victory dances, I knew they worked very hard during practice just so they could make that very important touchdown and win more

the secret of forgiveness

Throughout the Bible we are told that we are to be forgiving people. We are admonished to forgive others so that the devil cannot get a stronghold in our lives. We are told to show the nature of God by forgiving others as he forgives us.In Jesus’ model prayer He says that we are to pray that God will forgive us of our trespasses in the same way that we forgive those who trespass more

we the redeemed

It is so very important that we realize what it means to be redeemed. Have you ever taken anything to a pawn shop? If you have, you know that there is a period of time when you can still come back and pay a certain price and get your item back. That is called redeeming the article that you had pawned.When Adam sinned, he pawned himself and the whole human race off to the more