Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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the power of his presence

This verse picks up in the middle of a very significant conversation between God and Moses. To catch up on what is going on, the Children of Israel had just made the golden calf. God had told them that He would give them the land as He had promised, but that He would not go with them into the land. Moses had protested and God said that He would go with them. Moses went more

it’s up to you

It sometimes seems that God is so far away. I think that is why we so often refer to our God, who is up in heaven. You know, in theory that is correct, God is in heaven; but, He is also here on the earth. God is everywhere present at one time. It is possible for God to be close to you in proximity and yet be miles away in your ability to actually more

enjoying god

I am confused by the way that some people perceive God to be. It seems to me that there are so many who have a kind of love/hate relationship with Him. They know that only He can give eternal life and for that, they are to be eternally grateful, but on the other hand, they seem to hate Him because of what they perceive Him to be. Are you good and confused now?I guess more

going for it all

Have you ever wanted to step out in faith and do something wild for the Lord? Have you been intimidated by the crowd and by a fear of messing up? I am sure that you probably have, since most of us basically have the same feelings and thoughts.I can remember very early in my Christian walk when I would spend time by myself, alone in my room. I would be preaching as hard and more

be filled

We have a command here in the scripture that is to be taken literally. What is the command? It simply says two things, one, do not be drunk with wine. Most of us have no problem with that. We all agree that we are not to get drunk, that is so simple. The next part of the statement is just as direct and just as simple. It says be filled with the Spirit. I more

gateway to glory

We have all heard of the glory of the Lord. It is sometimes likened unto a cloud, sometimes like a mist or vapor and sometimes it is like unto cloven tongues of fire accompanied by the sound of a rushing mighty wind.In the Old Testament, the glory would come, or descend and remain for a season and then would depart. When Moses went upon Mt. Sinai and stood in the glory and presence of God, more

serve with gladness

One of the great misconceptions among Christians is that we have to do some great thing in this life in order for God to be pleased with us. God is not nearly as hard to please as most think that He is.Serving God is not putting aside everything that is fun in life. It is not living a life of boredom and dullness. To the contrary, the life that God desires for the Christian more

first things first

This world is full of many evils and injustices. It is almost a thing of the past to be able to really feel safe, apart from the divine protection that we have from God., On a normal day, if you watch the news, you will see that there have been robberies, murders, rapes, bombings and the like all across our land. In the natural, things look hopeless. These and all the other terrible things more

don’t mock god

I know that we use this verse most of the time to demonstrate how that we are to sow specific seed, if we want to reap a specific harvest. This is true, if you need love, sow love. If you need friends, be a friend. If you need money, sow money etc, etc.This is not the only way that we mock God. The Bible is clear in teaching us how we are to live more

the divine comforter

These words that Jesus spoke here to His disciples were not the ones that they wanted to hear. They were not excited a bit about His telling them that He was going to go away. Jesus had been there for them for the last three years and had provided everything that they had needed from food to fellowship. He was their Healer and their Helper. The one whom they had learned to depend on more