Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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we can rise above

Written By: Mechele McMichael

Overwhelmed by your circumstances? Worrying about the problems of your everyday life? This is where Peter found himself when Jesus called him out of the boat to walk on the water. The problem was that Peter took his mind off the Lord and lost his focus. His faith was gone and he began to sink. The same is true for us today when we take our mind off the Lord. When we start to more

trust god

It has been determined that one of the greatest enemies of your life and health is worry and anxiety. You know what worry is, it is a continual nagging and fear in your mind that something bad is going to happen in some realm of your life. Do you know what anxiety is? It is worry that has been super sized. It is worry in high gear.Have you ever wondered why we worry? The more

my sufficiency

Sometimes we as Christians come up against something that we think is not possible to overcome. It may be a sickness, a death, loss of a friend or job. There are too many things to mention here, and the things themselves are not the issue. The issue here is, can we overcome? Can we come out victorious? We read in the Bible and the Bible speaks many times of the blessings for those who more

the sacrifice of praise

Nobody really likes to talk about sacrifice. It is not the most popular tool in the box, but we all have to do it at one time or another. Even though the term makes us think of giving up things or leaving things behind, it is not always so bad. We all sacrifice things daily. For example, when we have more than one thing to do at the same time, we have to sacrifice more

great expectations

It is so easy in this busy and worrisome world to get our eyes on our problems and the daily interferences that are always nagging at us. There are endless bills to pay, demanding schedules to keep, constant problems arising at home, at work, with family and friends. Then, all of a sudden there comes some real “biggy”; a layoff, a sickness or even a death in the family and we begin to wonder more

be not afraid

One of the greatest lessons that we can ever learn as a Christian is to heed these words of Jesus. We can always rest in the fact that if Jesus is in the area, we need not be afraid.I don’t know what kinds of problems you may be going through. I don’t know about all the storms in your life, but one thing I do know is that Jesus is the Lord of those more

ever increasing

There are two systems at work in the world around us. The one that you participate with will determine what type of life that you will have. It will also determine the final outcome of your life.The two systems that I am speaking of are the Spiritual and the Natural. In the first, God is the center and is the constant provider. In the other, man is at the center and seeks to be more

maintaining peace in of mind

In a world of tremendous tumult and fury, it is good to know that we can have peace in the midst of all of this strife and turmoil. The Bible gives us the way to live in that peace in spite of all that is going on around us that would try to cause us to live in fear.We must remember this one thing, God wants us to dwell in peace. It is never more

running on empty or full

Written By: Mechele McMichael

We all know the importance of keeping our cars full of gas. The gas gauge indicates how full or empty our tank is. I like it when my Explorer is full, something about it makes me feel good. Each of us has the ability to sense emptiness or fullness in our lives.We know where the fuel gauge is pointing in our lives. For many people, it points to the "E" side. For these people, more

i will bless the lord at all times

There is something great that happens when we praise the Lord. It is really hard to be down and discouraged when we are praising Him. You know praise gets our thoughts off of us and our situations and puts them on God.When I consider myself, I think of only what I can do. I am limiting myself to my own ability and to my own resources. But, when I praise God, my focus changes more