Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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soul prosperity

Prosperity, what is it really? We established yesterday that God wants all of His children to live in prosperity. Well, prosperity is a number of things combined. It is not what most people think of when you mention the term. Most would say that prosperity is one of those words that start with a P, like Possessions, Position, Power, Popularity, or Performance. No, prosperity is not in and of itself any of these things, more

why do the evil prosper?

I think that as much as any other thing in this life, I get asked the question that this devotion is entitled. We are all somewhat like the psalmist in this psalm. It would behoove you to read this whole passage to see how it all ends up. The message of this passage goes something like this. At first the writer is really grieved over the success and prosperity of the wicked in this more

true prosperity

We know that the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:16 that all scripture is given by inspiration of God, God has said it and so it is so, notice that it says ALL scripture is inspired or “ God Breathed” therefore it is not of any private interpretation. In other words, man did not insert his opinion. God used men to write it, but he did the wording. Do you believe that He was more

total prosperity

We are living in a day when people are very mindful of health and exercise. Millions of dollars are spent on advertising that promises perfect "abs" and tighter "you know whats." You can go to any high school track and find moms, dads, grand parents, executives and plant workers all out there trying to improve their looks and health. Running, jogging or walking, the goal is the same, trying to become healthier so that more

the main business

The question has been asked many times, "What should be the main business of a Christian?" There are lots of answers and opinions about this, but there is really only one answer.The correct answer to the question can be found in the fact that the main business of man is God and his business! It seems that in this day of religious excitement, when we have had some indications of a stirring in the more

the final authority

We all want to live in victory, peace and prosperity. I believe that it not only can be done, but that it is the expected lifestyle for all who are believers. That puts many of us in a dilemma doesn’t it? The reason that we do not see those expected results in our lives is very simple. If we are to live in financial success, if we are to live in health, if we more

he’s all we need

we do not need to have another human, no matter who it may be, nor how mighty, pious, or special, that he may be to intercede for us before God. As His children, we can go freely, knowing that God himself has provided the perfect mediator between Himself and us. That mediator, alone, is head of the Church and Chief Priest before God on our behalf. His name is Christ Jesus, and He is more

no lack

What does it mean to fear the Lord? Many people take it to mean that we should be afraid of Him. Now I will be the first to tell you that God is fearsome and the Bible says that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Now that is talking about one who is not born again, who dies without Jesus. Yes, that is a fearful thing. more

mind games

It has been said that whoever controls the mind, controls the body. That is a very true statement. If you can gain control of a person’s mind, you can literally control what that person does, how they will respond to certain stimuli. The mind is a very powerful force, exerting power that will win over ration and reason. You see, if a person thinks a certain way, they will respond in accordance to their more

every promise in the book is mine

The Bible is filled with promises, promises of victory, promises of blessing, promises of peace, promises of prosperity, promises of health, you name it, and if it is good, then the Bible has a promise for it. Now some people will try to justify the fact that they are not experiencing these blessings by saying that these were written to the Jews, the chosen of God, or that these were Old Testament promises and more