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it’s all about relationship

In this life, we all know what it means to be related to someone. We can understand this because we have all lived in relationships of some kind or other all of our lives.The relationship that develops between people with common interests results in a relationship of friends that creates a very strong bond. The relationship that grows between a young man and a young lady can grow into a unique relationship called husband more

no earthly good

So often people think of the Christian life as something that you do on Sunday. To them, it is a mere matter of showing up for church and then trying to do their best the rest of the week not to do too much that would be against their “religion”. These people are in reality getting no earthly good out of their faith. There is no practical application of the Biblical principles in their more

the people of god

Since the very time of creation, God has been the initiator of the relationship between Himself and man. He has always desired to bless His creation with a relationship with Himself.If you will notice throughout the Bible, it was always God who came to man and man who rejected God. You would think that it would be the other way around, that the sinless, perfect and holy God would reject sinful man, but it more

the secret of contentment

If you ask most people today what they think is the key to living a contented life, most of them would say that contentment comes from accomplishing goals in business, or in attaining great wealth. Perhaps others would say that contentment comes from having good social standing or from having a loving family. All of these are certainly things that we would all like to have and even strive for. There is nothing inherently more

face to face

What an awesome thing to be recorded about a man. Just think about this statement. Moses was face to face with God. He had conversations with God like you and I have with one another.Have you ever wondered why Moses had such personal and close relationship with God? I surely have, in fact that has prompted me to read and study the life of Moses to see if I could find any clues as more

little children

The Bible often speaks of believers as being children. It says that we must come to God as children. Have you noticed the way that children come to their fathers? They have a very special and secure attitude each and every time they approach their fathers. Now I am not at all ignoring the fact that some situations are not normal and some kids don’t have much of a relationship with their dads. I more

stir it up

I can remember as a youngster, going camping overnight with my Dad. We had such fun and one of the things that I loved the most about camping was the campfire. I would sit transfixed, gazing into that fire for what seemed like hours. I was fascinated by the sounds, colors and smells that always accompanied a campfire.After finally going to bed, the very first thing that I did when I woke up the more

enjoying god

I am confused by the way that some people perceive God to be. It seems to me that there are so many who have a kind of love/hate relationship with Him. They know that only He can give eternal life and for that, they are to be eternally grateful, but on the other hand, they seem to hate Him because of what they perceive Him to be. Are you good and confused now?I guess more

first things first

This world is full of many evils and injustices. It is almost a thing of the past to be able to really feel safe, apart from the divine protection that we have from God., On a normal day, if you watch the news, you will see that there have been robberies, murders, rapes, bombings and the like all across our land. In the natural, things look hopeless. These and all the other terrible things more

when you don't feel like it

Written By: Mechele McMichael

When we are struggling in our faith, it is tempting to stop reading the Bible on a consistent basis. After all, we don't feel that we are getting anything out of it. But, a lesson most of us learned as children, and still learn as adults, is that sometimes we have to do things that we don't feel like doing.There are consequences if we don’t. If we don't do our homework and study for tests, more