Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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i will call upon the lord

The Bible is very clear about this subject. It says, “whosoever’. Well, that means me. I can call upon the name of the Lord and He will save me. You may be saying, “Well, I know that anyone can be saved and I am saved, but I have other problems now. I need help in other ways like bills, health, provision, deliverance,” and so on it goes.You know, that is the way so many more

you can know

I am amazed at how people confuse the simple truth of the gospel. When I say people, I am not talking about the way out, crazies. You know those who say that there is no heaven or hell, but it is just life here on earth and you make it heaven or hell by the way you live. Nor am I talking about those who say that it doesn’t matter how you live or more

no condemnation

For many Christians, this verse has no real meaning, yet it should be like a lifeline that is thrown out to them in a sea of guilt. Are you one of the ones who always feels that God is not going to answer your prayers or will not bless you or will pass you over for healing because you are not worthy?This is the case with so many people. The devil knows that he can’ more

the main business

The question has been asked many times, "What should be the main business of a Christian?" There are lots of answers and opinions about this, but there is really only one answer.The correct answer to the question can be found in the fact that the main business of man is God and his business! It seems that in this day of religious excitement, when we have had some indications of a stirring in the more

he’s all we need

we do not need to have another human, no matter who it may be, nor how mighty, pious, or special, that he may be to intercede for us before God. As His children, we can go freely, knowing that God himself has provided the perfect mediator between Himself and us. That mediator, alone, is head of the Church and Chief Priest before God on our behalf. His name is Christ Jesus, and He is more

growing in grace

It is time for the church to wake up to a central truth that the Bible teaches. That truth is that we are to grow up as the people of God. I suppose because we are called “children of God” that some take that to mean that we are to remain as little immature children in the way we act and think.Well, that just is not so. The Bible makes it clear that we more

it’s all grace

We all know that salvation is by grace through faith. That sounds simple enough, and it is. God didn’t make salvation hard. He didn’t give us a list of arduous tasks to perform, or a certain number of years that we had to work so that we could attain our salvation. He made is plain and simple. He gives it to us as a gift that we can neither earn nor deserve.It is amazing more

the peril of unbelief

There is an old saying that says, “There is a time and a place for everything.” I have been told that many time is my life. That is a pretty true statement too. There are certain things that are very time critical in this life and we need to take them while we can. In all of our lives, we look back and see where opportunity was knocking on our door and we failed more

test the spirits

The Bible makes it clear that we are to walk carefully in the spirit realm. The reason for this is that there are deceivers out there who will take advantage of those who do not discern what is really true and what is false. You see we are accountable for what we believe personally and for what we teach to those who are under our spiritual umbrella.It is also important to note that all more

to will and to do

It is not uncommon for us as Christians to complicate things. By this, I mean that we sometimes make things harder than they really are. The Christian life is really pretty simple and easy if we will live it correctly. The problem is that we try to work out all the details and situations ourselves, for our own benefits to fit our own schedules.Let me show you what I mean. We read the Bible more