Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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spirit and soul

It is so important that we as believers get our spirit and soul into harmony one with the other. There is only one way that this can be accomplished; our thinking must be in line with the Word of God. It is impossible for us to believe beyond the actual knowledge that we have of God’s Word.To understand this better, we must look at the basic make up of man. We were created in more

get into agreement

It is not uncommon to hear people say something like this: " I believe that the Bible teaches that miracles are for today, I just can't seem to get in on them in my personal life." Maybe you have said something like that yourself.Kenneth Hagin said, "Our thinking must be in line with the Word of God, because we cannot believe beyond the actual knowledge that we have of God's Word." It is important more

soul prosperity

Prosperity, what is it really? We established yesterday that God wants all of His children to live in prosperity. Well, prosperity is a number of things combined. It is not what most people think of when you mention the term. Most would say that prosperity is one of those words that start with a P, like Possessions, Position, Power, Popularity, or Performance. No, prosperity is not in and of itself any of these things, more

good medicine

Have you ever had that feeling that you were dried up from the bones out? I have, and it is not a good situation to be in. You will find that if you stay in that place for very long, you will begin to experience a lot of different things, and none of them are any good.Many people, Christians included, don’t realize that the condition of a person’s soul affects their health and total more

true prosperity

We know that the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:16 that all scripture is given by inspiration of God, God has said it and so it is so, notice that it says ALL scripture is inspired or “ God Breathed” therefore it is not of any private interpretation. In other words, man did not insert his opinion. God used men to write it, but he did the wording. Do you believe that He was more

it’s all in your mind

We have been doing a lot of study lately on the emotional makeup of man. You know, man is a very complicated and interesting creature. I guess that is what David meant when he said that he was created very fearfully and wonderfully.We know that man is created in the image of God. The Godhead is triune in the fact that He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Man is also triune, or 3 part, more

total prosperity

We are living in a day when people are very mindful of health and exercise. Millions of dollars are spent on advertising that promises perfect "abs" and tighter "you know whats." You can go to any high school track and find moms, dads, grand parents, executives and plant workers all out there trying to improve their looks and health. Running, jogging or walking, the goal is the same, trying to become healthier so that more

thinking faith thoughts

The mind, will and emotions make up the soul of a person. The soul is the gate to the heart; knowledge in the soul comes before faith in the heart does. As a person fills his mind with the knowledge of God's Word, the Holy Spirit will write the Word upon the heart. When God's Word is engraved upon the heart, it creates faith in that Word. Your ability to have faith in God's more

feeling or faithing

A life controlled by feelings is no fun. Feelings are emotions that can change from day to day, hour to hour, and moment to moment. A person cannot depend on them because they are so fickle.We are all creatures affected by our soul, that is our mind, will and emotions. Although our soul plays a big part in our make up, it is not supposed to be the determining factor in our lives, we more

god’s good plan

There is an erroneous teaching that has made its way into the body of Christ that says that God wants His children to be poor and sick. Now that is not really taught openly, but it is pretty much taught by example. I have heard people who should know better say things that let me know that they really don’t believe that God wants them well. Many try to explain away sickness and poverty more