Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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going with the flow

There is a great moving and outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the earth these days. This happening is in greater measure and on a far wider scale than ever before. The prophets of old foretold this event centuries ago. Joel records, " And I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh…" God is looking today for people who will cooperate with His Spirit in this present move; people who want to move more

be filled

We have a command here in the scripture that is to be taken literally. What is the command? It simply says two things, one, do not be drunk with wine. Most of us have no problem with that. We all agree that we are not to get drunk, that is so simple. The next part of the statement is just as direct and just as simple. It says be filled with the Spirit. I more

being led by the spirit of god

In this topsy turvy world, it is good to know that we can put our faith and trust in the one who knows everything that has ever happened and will ever happen. Many people look to the stars to lead them, we look to the one who created the stars to guide us.For us to truly be successful in this life, we must learn two things. First, we must learn to hear the Spirit. more

spirit and soul

It is so important that we as believers get our spirit and soul into harmony one with the other. There is only one way that this can be accomplished; our thinking must be in line with the Word of God. It is impossible for us to believe beyond the actual knowledge that we have of God’s Word.To understand this better, we must look at the basic make up of man. We were created in more

paying the price

Many people say that they want to walk in the things of God. They say that it is important for them to know the ways of God and to walk in the power of the Spirit. What some people don’t know and aren’t willing to acknowledge is that to walk in the power of God and to flow with the Spirit, there is a price to pay. The price is high, but the rewards more

get into agreement

It is not uncommon to hear people say something like this: " I believe that the Bible teaches that miracles are for today, I just can't seem to get in on them in my personal life." Maybe you have said something like that yourself.Kenneth Hagin said, "Our thinking must be in line with the Word of God, because we cannot believe beyond the actual knowledge that we have of God's Word." It is important more

the same anointing

This verse quoted here is the fulfillment of the prophecy that Isaiah made, and is being attributed to Jesus. When Jesus stood and quoted this prophecy, all in the hearing understood where it was from. Then Jesus said that this verse is referring to me. In each case, it continues to say what the Spirit has anointed Jesus to do.He said that He was anointed to, among other things; preach the gospel, to heal more

discovering the things of god

There is a vast reserve that God has stored up, just waiting on us to explore. The things of God are waiting to be discovered. God has put them where they can be found by any believer who will diligently seek after them. There is a very important key to finding the things of God. This key is having a renewed mind that will flow with the revelation the Holy Spirit gives from the more

test the spirits

The Bible makes it clear that we are to walk carefully in the spirit realm. The reason for this is that there are deceivers out there who will take advantage of those who do not discern what is really true and what is false. You see we are accountable for what we believe personally and for what we teach to those who are under our spiritual umbrella.It is also important to note that all more

crucify the flesh

People are often confused about the Christian life. For some reason they think that since they are born again they will not have any more struggles. They can’t understand why they sometimes have ideas and feelings that are not in agreement with what the Bible teaches.The problem that plagues so many believers is rooted in the basic make up of man. If we understand this, then we will not only know what is happening more