Daily Devotions From Maranatha

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pleasing god

It is almost unbelievable for most people to think that a man or a woman can actually please God. The Bible teaches that we not only can please God, but that we can also bless Him and bring glory to Him as we live for Him on this earth.It is important to remember that all of us are created for a purpose and all have a divine plan for our lives. It is in more

trust god

It has been determined that one of the greatest enemies of your life and health is worry and anxiety. You know what worry is, it is a continual nagging and fear in your mind that something bad is going to happen in some realm of your life. Do you know what anxiety is? It is worry that has been super sized. It is worry in high gear.Have you ever wondered why we worry? The more

believe god

The life story of Abraham is a real example of faith, hope and trust. I would like to recommend the reading of the whole story of this man of faith’s life to you. It is so encouraging to me in my own life to see how he lived and trusted God in so many of life’s situations, good times and hard times alike. Just like with us today, sometimes it was easy to trust more

little children

The Bible often speaks of believers as being children. It says that we must come to God as children. Have you noticed the way that children come to their fathers? They have a very special and secure attitude each and every time they approach their fathers. Now I am not at all ignoring the fact that some situations are not normal and some kids don’t have much of a relationship with their dads. I more

good common sense

Mankind has been blessed with a wonderful reasoning ability. We have the ability to weigh out facts and to come to a conclusion or course of action. This ability is known as “common sense.”There are many times when that good old common sense is certainly valuable. When you combine common sense with experiences of the past, you get a double check on a given situation. I believe that God gave us these two things more

god is working now

Most of us have a hard time believing that God is working on our behalf until we see something happening with our natural eyes. This usually isn't the way God works. He works behind the scenes much of the time. Right now He is changing hearts and drawing sinners unto Him. Right now He is working in our government. Right now God has a plan for your promotion. He may be speaking to your more

something better

God has always treated man with the best that He has to offer. He put them in a beautiful garden where everything was perfect. They were given total control and dominion over everything on this earth. This was truly the Utopia that so many have dreamed about since.We all know the rest of the story of how man sinned and alienated himself from the God who created him. But, what many do not realize more

trust in trying times

Do you ever feel like one of those little ducks at a shooting gallery? It seems that you are in a vicious cycle going round and round, and every time you get back up, there is someone trying to shoot you down again. Well, I know exactly what you are talking about. If it is any comfort, I want you to know first of all, that you are not alone. It seems like the more

the making of a champion

Man, oh man, what a great greeting Gideon just got. And this was not just any old angel that spoke to him either. When you see the term "angel of the Lord" written like this, it is speaking of a pre-incarnate visit from Jesus Himself. The amazing thing about this is that Gideon was out slinking around in the darkness trying to find some food for his family. He was using the cover of more

all things?

Point of view is a very important aspect of life. It can be the factor that determines whether you have victory or defeat in your daily life. This is reflected by whether you see that glass as half full or half empty. Either way, the glass has no more or less in it, the only difference is in how you perceive the glass. A half full glass seems better than a half empty glass doesn’ more