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what is truth?

The society of today would tell you that there really is no absolute truth. In the mind set of this present age, all truth is relative. In other words, truth is only truth if it goes along with what a person really wants to believe. There are no unmovable standards by which we can set our sights. The term “if it feels good, do it” reflects this present day philosophy.I have a really good more

the word of truth

God never has and never will do anything apart from His Word. That's an eternal, everlasting fact. It cannot be changed. Yet, we act as though that isn't true when we try everything we can think of to get a hold of God. We cry, we pray, we fast, we do all sorts of things. But we don't stop and realize that the Word, the written Word of God, is just as much God more

truth or consequences

Some of you are probably able to remember a popular game show of years ago by the same name as today’s title. I can remember bits and pieces of the show. The main idea was that you either told the truth or you suffered the consequences. You know, we are all, of a sorts, in a big game show. The main difference being that the stakes are so much higher in the game of more

freedom’s condition

We have all heard this scripture, or at least part of this scripture, quoted. Most of us have used it ourselves to claim freedom from sin or deliverance from some stronghold. Yet, I wonder if we have really understood what the real meaning of the text is.We all go off on the, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” part. Jesus did say that didn’t He? But, that is more

take no thought

I suppose if you were to translate the title into today’s language, it would more likely be, don’t pay any attention to, don’t worry about it, or don’t even think about it. If the Bible says for us not to give any worry about a subject, I believe that is what we should do. And when the Bible says something is taken care of, we should simply acknowledge it to be so and stop more

knowing the mind of god

It is a common belief in many Christian circles to believe that it is next to impossible to know the mind of God. Except for special conditions, and a select few believers, the mind and ways of God are a mystery that most believe will remain unknown. Even though this is a widely accepted truth, it is a sadly mistaken acceptance. The reason that it is so sad is that it is just not more

debt bustin’ power

I wonder just how many of us really believe that this verse is true. Especially when it comes to being free from debt. Oh, I know that we believe that God can do any thing that He wants to, the problem is that we just don’t think that He wants to do anything in our lives when it comes to getting us out of debt. After all, debt is the American way. It may more

key to understanding

If you were going on a trip to a place that you had never been, you probably would need a map to get there. Just suppose that you stopped by a service station as you were leaving town and picked up a map for the coming journey and as you went along you began to have suspicions that the map was incorrect. Well, not knowing what to do, you decided to follow it anyway, more

what do you think?

There are some things that it doesn’t matter what we think about them. For example, I have heard people say that they don’t think that the miracles are still operating today. Some say that they don’t think that healing is available through the atonement. You know what I say to that? It doesn’t matter what you think it, God is not swayed by your thoughts on a subject. His Word and ways are not more

enjoy your journey

I remember back in our lives to a time when things were really up in the air. There were many changes going on in our lives and ministry. We were not sure about certain aspects of our calling and direction was not clear. The things that we had always believed and preached were being challenged by the situations and circumstances of life. The devil was having a good time telling us that this victorious more