Our Outreach

Maranatha Ministry Outreach

Maranatha Christian Center Outreach

Since its inception Maranatha Christian Center has put outreach ministries and evangelism at the heart of its values. Either directly or through one of our supported missionaries, Maranatha Christian Center has helped in feeding, clothing, funding, building, evangelizing, and ministering in over 18 different nations of the world.

Our sponsored missionaries frequently minister in the countries of South America and the Philippines. The Lord has shown favor on them in everything they do and has even granted them a right to fly directly from the U.S. into Cuba as the States' guest.

Our Goal

At Maranatha we do not wish to compare missions trips with local churches. We recognize that without our help and the help of those alike, there will be many that might not have the chance of everlasting life that the bible promises. In all the funds we raise, and all the foods that we package, if only one life is saved because of it, it is well worth it!

We frequently schedule missions trips. If you are interested in going on the next trip with Maranatha Contact us for more information.