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Parenting is the greatest role in the world and it’s also the hardest. It’s rewarding, challenging, heartwarming, and exhausting. Sometimes it can even be confusing!

Maybe you have felt like everyone else knows what they’re doing, but you are just making it up as you go. Maybe you have some burning questions that you aren’t sure you should ask because you feel like you should already know the answer. The truth is, this parenting journey can be overwhelming. None of us have it all figured out and we all need extra guidance sometimes!

Our job as parents isn’t to have all the answers on our own. Instead, our job is to love our kids in a way that points them to Jesus and use the resources we have available to us to continue to learn and do the best we can!

That’s why we are hosting our next Parenting Event called, Every Parent Wants to Know. We have some really great friends and experts who are sharing their insight, experience, and wisdom to give you the answers to the questions we’re all asking!

We will Launch this Parent Equipping Event on Sunday, September 10th with special guests Steven and Katie Sexton! Our first session will be Sunday Morning during our regular service, then come back for two mini sessions from 4-6pm. Our coffee shop will be open at 3:30 so come early to get your caffeine fix! We will provide childcare for kids birth – 3rd grade and we invite you to let your older kids join you in the sessions!

Following this kick off event, we will have monthly sessions to continue to encourage and equip you as you raise the next generation of world changers!

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