Join our Dream Team!

Church is not about performing a perfect weekly attendance. Heaven isn’t keeping a scorecard on how many services we attend, or how many sermons we ingest. Heaven is looking to see how we applied the words that have been spoken, and how well we projected Christ to a darkened world. The only way to do that is to be His hands & feet. You were never purposed to come on a Sunday and sit.

Also, you were never meant to go throughout your week struggling to stay connected, come back on Sunday and do it all over again! You have a part to play in the great commission. A vital part. And we believe wholeheartedly that serving is vital to God’s vision & heart for humanity. So maybe you are wondering how God has designed and placed you within the body! Well, here are the current and active ministry outlets for you to get plugged into!


This team is responsible for the first impression given by MCC. From the very first hello, our greeters are the first smile and warmth a visitor feels. Here you have the ability to bring community, heart, and passion to our Church family.


The member services team is responsible for locating our first-time visitors & guests. Approaching them with a friendly hello and communication card! Also, this team is responsible for sending out a note/call/text, within a guest’s first week of visiting MCC. We should also be connecting visitors with information concerning our “BELONG” growth track & receptions. Here you get to help people find a home at MCC.


The hospitality team is responsible for coordinating and delivering excellence in the realm of guest experience. Whether it be our coffee house or food presentation, this team is our go-to for delivering excellent hospitable elements to our services/events.


Do you love all things creative? Planning birthdays, weddings, or structuring events and fun outings? Then this team is for you! Here we focus on the details of the presentation. You will use your creative genes to help with various elements of the overall theme in regards to our MCC events.


We at MCC are passionate about local outreach. We want to effectively help and serve our community and world by meeting both spiritual and physical needs. If you have a heart for evangelism than we encourage you to plug into this team!


This team is responsible for the overall vision and structure of our ladies Ministry at MCC. The ladies ministry at MCC is a great outlet for teachers and creatives alike! If you have a heart for women’s ministry than this group is for you!


This team is responsible for the overall vision and structure of our Men’s Ministry at MCC. The Men’s ministry at MCC is a great outlet for teachers and creatives alike! If you have a heart for Men’s ministry than this group is for you


Do you have a gift/love for music, lights, sound, video, photography etc? Do you have a passion to Worship God in spirit and in truth? Then this group is for you! All musicians and Singers, get to sit down with Pastor Rose for a team member evaluation! From there you get a one on one introduction to the team!


We love this upcoming generation! We strongly believe in Pastoring this upcoming generation to fulfill the calling on their life. To leave a legacy, that far exceeds us! If you have a passion for this next like we do, this team is for you!


We believe the future starts here. Children’s ministry is not something we do to pass time. Children’s ministry is a calling, one that equips our children with the knowledge and truth of Jesus Christ. This group is fun! Always changing and loves to see children impacted for the kingdom! If you have a heart for families & children than this team is for you!


Do you have a gift for prayer & intercession? There is no greater call than to the call of prayer! We should all be constantly in prayer for every season of life. Prayer changes things and we desire volunteers to help head up this desperate need within the body! Will you answer the call to pray for our Church, our community, our congregation, our leaders.. our WORLD?


We have many opportunities, where we need a safety team to help secure our campus & events. We are so thankful for those who desire to help patrol our campus and keep our children safe.


If you have a green thumb and are looking for a place to serve, this is the team for you! We could use your knowledge and skills to help plant and maintain various flowers and landscaping on the property. This is one more way you can get involved and be a part of what’s going on at MCC.


If you have a heart to help those who are in need, this ministry will be involved in a monthly food distribution program here at MCC. Spending a few hours a month sorting, packing, stacking, and distributing food can make an enormous difference in the lives of local families. This is a great way to share the love of Jesus in the most practical way.
If you would like to donate food items, please email for a complete list.


Our Maranatha Family is growing! With that comes the influx of traffic and parking for our families & visitors! This area is continuing to grow, and we would love for you to help facilitate our campus as we grow and expand.


We are excited to be launching WEDNESDAY ONE. Here our Merge Youth student ministry & MCC Kids, host a once a month OUTREACH to our community and beyond. This is a once a month opportunity on a Wednesday night, to reach out to our community with the message of Jesus! We will need help with everything from food services, to set up, security, check-in etc! Please consider joining this amazing group!

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